fredag 21 november 2008

I ♥ Internet!

I love the internet.

Internet lets me follow a train of thought just as quickly as my brain can process the input. In the "old days" you'd have to go to the library to find inspiration but even then you'd have to know what to look for. Internet on the other hand lets you start at one thought and end up with something completely different.

For instance, I woke up far too early tonight and couldn't fall back to sleep. So I turn my laptop on and found the final episode of That 70's Show on some internet tv site. In the final minutes they play a beautiful song called Thirteen by Big Star. When I googled Big Star I came across their album cover "Radio City" which had been shot by William Eggleston.

So within an hour I've seen the final episode of a tv show, heard a beautiful song in it's original form and been introduced to an amazing photographer.

Håkan Hellström's version of 13

Big Star's album cover "Radio City" 1974

Do you see now why I ♥ Internet?

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Cecilia Levy sa...

underbara foton, vilka färger! håller med om dina tankar om nätet, även om det kan vara frustrerande av samma anledning - att man irrar bort sig från det man ursprungligen var ute efter...