fredag 18 december 2009

Christmas Friends

Jag har haft en riktigt fin dag idag. Snön har yrt och lyser upp allting, jag har fått massor gjort och kärleken för mina underbara vänner jag fick chansen att mysa med igårkväll sitter kvar. Jag har helt enkelt gått omkring med ett leende på läpparna hela dagen och bara varit tacksam för allt jag har.

Fröken J.B. & J.A. bakade för fulla muggar (Nigella, släng dig i väggen), julmusten flödade och mysfaktorn var på topp!

I've had a really good day today. The snow's been falling and brightening everything up, I've gotten alot done and the love from my wonderful friends from last night's christmas-baking/lounging is still in my heart. I've just been smiling all day and been thankful for all that I've got.

Miss J.B. & J.A. were baking like there was no tomorrow (move over Nigella), the julmust was flowing and the coziness-factor was high!

2 kommentarer:

My Owl Barn sa...

It's a blessing to have friends who care about you. Those baked goods look yummy and made with lots of love!

Szilvia sa...

You know, it's often that we take these things for granted, an evening with lving friends. And the truth is, a lot of people don't have these types of friends that they can feel completely safe with, sharing laughter and pain with.

So I'm taking a moment to be greatful. And yes, I'm a total foodie and those blew me away, moist and the subtle taste of saffron was the icing on the cake! ;-)